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Hotel Jardí Apartaments

The restaurant services of Hotel Jardí Apartaments are the best option to hold your meetings and taste delicious dishes in a cozy and select space.

Cafe bar

At the café bar of the Hotel, together with its select lounge, you can enjoy peace and leisure in your free time. 

The cafe is the perfect meeting point for you and your friends, to receive your visitors, enjoy an aperitif, a drink, or taste our menu of sandwiches, beverages and liqueurs. 

The lounge is exclusively reserved for the clients of the Hotel, space for reading, relaxing, playing board games, etc.


In the cafeteria of the hotel you can taste a menu of dishes thought after a hard day of work. 

Do not forget that you can taste our dishes in your room thanks to the room service. In addition we offer restaurant service for clients and groups. In the restaurants around the Hotel you can also enjoy a variety of typical and innovative cuisines, such as Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, tapas, wines, etc.